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Shark Diving in Jupiter

South Florida hosts some of the best shark diving in the United States and Jupiter is one of top shark diving destinations in the world. Not only does this part of Florida have large numbers of sharks, but is also home to a variety of high profile species...

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Guy Harvey Research Institute Shark Tagging

Shark Tagging with the Guy Harvey Research Institute is one of the highlights of my job working at Pompano Dive Center as a divemaster. The Guy Harvey Research Institute is a non-profit organization partnered with Nova Southeastern University is one of the foremost...

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Yellowhead Jawfish with eggs

The yellowhead jawfish is a burrowing species of fish that make their home in the sand of reefs all over the Caribbean. They make their burrows in the sand using small rocks as support to keep the sand from caving back in. Jawfish are also a species of fish that are...

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Octopus at the BHB

There are LOT'S of Octopus to see while diving at the Blue Heron Bridge right now! Underwater macro enthusiasts in the area should be taking advantage. Being the go-to place for macro photography on the East Coast of Florida, the BHB offers countless subjects and...

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Grand Bahama First Week of September

As part of André's mentorship program with accomplished underwater photographers, he was required to have some advance dive training for some of his destinations. Andre took the opportunity to return to his diving roots on Grand Bahama to receive his training from...

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Follow up meeting with Chris Guglielmo

As a follow up meeting from the first meeting, I got a chance to meet with Gug at Sam's house. Where I got to know my new camera setup a bit more and how to properly use strobes and the settings on the camera with a one on one session with Gug and a few side tips from...

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Meeting with Chris Guglielmo

As a part of my first meeting with the South Florida Underwater Photography Society, I got a chance to meet up with one of my first mentors Chris Gugliermo. It was pretty much a meeting with him and the president of the society Sam Hodge, to see where I was in the...

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Evening of Excellence

This award and art competition in Florida pretty much got me hooked on underwater photography. I got into the top 25 out of over 600 entries from all over. I was then awarded the Omar Cooper Award, for the outstanding high school artist which gives me a year...

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