United Caribbean


The United Caribbean Shipwreck located off the coast of Boca Raton, Florida is a commonly visited shipwreck site that Pompano Dive Center visits. The wreck sits at about 70 feet to the sand with the deck being at about 50 feet. History:

Originally built in 1969 this 147 foot-long ship was intended to be a cargo ship and named the Golden Venture. Being registered Panamanian, this ship was only allowed to operate in the waters around Singapore. By the later 1990s, the ship was being used by smugglers, illegally transporting drugs and people. On June 6, 1993, the Golden Venture ran aground on Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York, Golden Venture being used to attempt to smuggle 286 illegal immigrants from China. While trying to flee the stranded ship to get to the U.S. shore, ten people drowned. The Golden Venture was then later sold and renamed the United Caribbean and was used as a cargo vessel throughout the Caribbean. The United Caribbean eventually becoming a part of the Palm Beach Artificial Reef Program and was sunk on August 22, 2000.



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